FVWM 2.4 Decors

FVWM is a marvelously configurable window manager, but because the default configuration is plain, people sometimes get the notion that you can't do much with it. But with a bit of poking around in the manpage, a few pixmaps, and much playing around with configuration files, a great deal is possible. You may think my taste odd, but here are some themes I've made.

Here is a tarball (369K) of the themes including all the pixmaps they use (except the backgrounds - the links below will help you get those).


Blue Marble

Blue Wing



Gold Leaf



Pale Gold

Pink Pearl

Purple and Silver


Red and Gold


Stone Age


My setup allows changing decors without restarting. It's done quite simply, with no perl scripts or extra programs. For modularity, the .fvwm2 configuration files are organized as follows:

rc.fvwm -> icons.fvwm iconbox.fvwm buttons.fvwm menuB1.fvwm menuB2.fvwm menuB3.fvwm -> aquamarine.decor . . . wood.decor

Root-B3 menu

The backgrounds you see peeking through the transparent Eterms aren't freely distributable, but many can be obtained for free at their creators' sites. The majority of the themes were designed to go with Layne Karkruff's (Blue Sky Heart Graphics) Desktop Consoles.TM

Blue Sky Heart Graphics Blue Sky Heart Graphics


Saffron Graphics

My 2 Barleycorns' Worth